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Translation languages

Conversio offers professional translation services from and into most of international languages. If you need documents translated either from or into English, German, French or Italian, or from or into one of the less used languages, our translators have the necessary skills and expertise in the fields most requested in the world translation market and have acquired relevant experience in order to ensure the high quality, accuracy and quick performance of your translations.

In what language do you need to have your document translated?

  • English Translations
    English is the most commonly used foreign language both on European and international level, representing 47% of all the European Community languages.
  • German Translations
    German covers 30% of all EU languages, representing a percentage of use almost as significant as English.
  • French Translations
    French is one of the commonly used international languages, representing 23% of all the languages spoken on the old continent.
  • Italian Translations
    Italian speakers count 15% within the European multi-language environment.
  • Spanish Translations
    Spanish is, after Italian, one of the most widely spread international languages, representing 14% of all the languages spoken in Europe.
  • Polish Translations
    Polish covers 9% of all the European languages.
  • Dutch Translations
    Dutch represents 6% within the EU multi-language environment.
  • Russian Translations
    Russian holds 6% of all the languages used in the European Community.

    Other languages
    Greek, Hungarian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, and other languages reach 5% of all the languages used in Europe.

    Our translators offer professional translation services also for Asian languages such as: Chinese, Japanese, Arabian, or specific dialects.